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Place Bank mortgage rate rose two points

according to "thaw 360" analysis report shows that since March, most of the banks due to risk concerns cancel preferential mortgage rates, not stock of loans to real estate-related approvals are more rigid. Loans in some cities will mortgage rates rise 5%~20% in Shanghai. Mortgage rates for second homes will remain at float 10%~30%.

on April 11, the reporter visited over Lanzhou city commercial banks found that first home discount preferential interest rates has completely vanished. Five State-owned line, Shanghai stock of loans other than bank mortgage rates floating 5%, other banks mortgage rates are rising 10%, and local banks ' mortgage rates rise above 20%, Bank mortgage rate 8.4% in Gansu province, Gansu province rural credit union mortgage interest rates up to around 12.78%. It is understood that local commercial banks in mortgage rates this year compared with the same period last year rose by two percentage points or so.