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Higher loan growth in poor areas

people's Bank, Ministry of finance, the CBRC, CSRC and CIRC, Shanghai Stock loan Office of poverty alleviation and 9th Central seven departments jointly held a national videophone meeting on poverty alleviation and development of financial services. Conference proposed, strive to poverty area annual the loan growth above when poverty area where province (district, and city) the loan average growth, added loan accounted for where province (district, and city) loan incremental of share above last year earlier level, Shanghai not guard loan to 2020 makes poverty area financial service level close national average level, preliminary built full cover poverty area the class and vulnerable groups of General Hui financial system.

Conference, to focus on health in poor areas financial organization system, Shanghai Stock loan innovative financial products and services, and strengthen the financial infrastructure, optimizing the financial ecosystem environment and other key jobs. Further efforts to increase policy support and strive to support agriculture in the poor areas and proportion of loans to provinces is higher than year-ago levels, eligible financial institutions in poor areas, Shanghai stock loans its new agricultural lending, the existing preferential agricultural loans drop on interest rate 1%. Meanwhile, requires financial institutions to credit resources appropriately directed to needy areas, Shanghai Stock loan financial departments at all levels should further implement the loan and subsidy policy, no stock of loans and improve risk compensation mechanism in Shanghai, banking supervision departments at all levels to financial institutions in poor areas in LDR, bad loan ratios, capital adequacy ratio to implement differentiated regulation.