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Small loans into securities loans business fourth pillar

Zhongshan securities is the self-revolution of coupons on the recent stock market stars. Shanghai mortgage zero Commission interpretation of one of the Zhongshan securities launched a zero-flux of foreign domestic helpers at the same time, Pack launched a micro-credit works. However, zero Commission flux used, small credit was as a supporting actor, and flagship with the loan with small loans, mortgage loans has become the industry started a small business in Shanghai the first gun.

small loan business of the Zhongshan securities means securities loan business and break new directions. Mortgages, according to the securities times, Shanghai reporter, long before the Zhongshan securities launched microcredit, there are others in preparation for this business, in which a large brokerage in Shanghai as early as half a year ago started to launch, but has yet to officially debut.

If the margin and the agreed purchase Hui, Shanghai mortgage pledge repurchase securities lending operation troika, mortgage loans small businesses in Shanghai are becoming the brokerage test drive a new BMW.