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Loan knowledge

Bank loan refers to the Bank under the national policy at a certain interest rate loan funds to financial needs, and an economic return of an agreed period. &Nbsp;

Bank loan classification according to different criteria, and has various types of bank loans. As:
by reimbursement period different, can is divided into short-term bank loan, and medium-term Tongzhou loan and long-term loan;
by reimbursement way different, can is divided into current loan, and regularly loan and overdraft;
by loan uses or object different, can is divided into business loan, and agricultural loan, and consumers loan, and securities brokers loan,;
by loan guarantees conditions different, can is divided into notes discount loan, and notes mortgage loan, and commodity mortgage loan, and credit loan,;
Loan amounts vary in size and can be divided into wholesale and retail loans;
according to the interest rate agreement is different, can be divided into fixed-rate loans and adjustable-rate mortgages, and so on.
Moreover, in different countries and the different periods of development of a country, according to various criteria a type of loan is also different. United States business loan include Beijing credit, working capital loans, alternative loans, project loans and other types of commitment, United Kingdom commercial and industrial loans, the use of discounting and overdraft accounts, credit accounts and other forms.
Tips for SMEs to obtain bank loans:
to establish a good relationship between banks and enterprises.
to pay attention to credibility.
to write feasibility study of investment project, highlighting features. Choosing the right loan
have the support of SME guarantee mechanism.